Week 2 check-in!

I am trying to get ahead of the crazy weekend ahead. I am work-shopping a new play for three weekends in a row which will slightly alter my routine. I already have time set aside this weekend to cook (Saturday!!) but I know it will be a less relaxing weekend than I’ve gotten used to. I am also playing handbells at church (like any good Jewish girl) so that crams up my Sunday and made me reschedule Snatched for tomorrow morning. Sigh. And in two weeks it’s Passover! I don’t think my day-to-day cooking will have to change that much besides me using some matzo meal instead of breadcrumbs but we’ll see.

Exercise: Well I’d say that Sunday’s Snatched class really got things started. We had what felt like a real workout complete with sets and reps. This Tuesday I upped the kettle bell I was using to 20kg (~44lbs) and I was pretty successful so I felt good/strong about that. I also had another training at Blink yesterday and am FEELING IT in my armpits today. She had me doing  chest presses and work on this torture exercise machine. (It looks something like this picture but not exactly…)

I didn’t exactly nail my scheduling this week so Tuesday – Saturday are going to be my five work-out days without much rest/recovery in between. It should be okay as Snatched is not terribly intense yet but I’ll let you know how I’m feeling this weekend.

Nutrition: I am still doing well. I had really my first non-home cooked meal yesterday and I went out to Bareburger which is an all-natural, mostly-organic burger joint. I got the Bison (leaner than beef but PROTEIN!!) and had it in a collard green wrap with a bunch of veggies in it. The wrap was okay — a bun would have been better — but it’s just as well. My dad got onion rings for the table (I did not budget for those), but I made the choice to have one and logged it (a shocking 125 calories…). I was actually still within my goals for calorie/fat/carbs so I was glad to have that onion ring! I even passed on beer and had a diet coke for another treat.

I made a batch of this Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime on Monday and still have some leftover for dinner tonight. I altered it slightly and made it with two chicken breasts — I split them long ways so they’d cook faster and baked it at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes. This gives me four breasts at about 34 grams of protein per serving. Not bad! And the recipe is delicious too. At some point I’ll try it with dark meat but the white meat was really tasty. No complaints and it was nice to have that around the house for a quick dinner to reheat since Randall’s been in tech this week so not home so much to help me cook!

Sleep: I’ve been making a stronger attempt to go to bed earlier especially since I’m not taking too many days off between workouts. RECOVERY FTW!!!! I had a few days where I was inexplicably waking up at 4:30am but I don’t think that happened last night so … not too worried about it. Could be any number of things — seasons changing, daylight savings, lots of water, exercise, protein. YOU NAME IT.

Water: I had a panic attack (exaggeration) yesterday over whether I had 2 or 3 servings of water (32oz = 1 bottle of my Contigo!). I had been keeping track in my Plant Nanny app (which said I’d finished the second serving) but in my MIND I already had 3. And then I remembered I drank a whole bottle at the gym that morning so it was 3. Isn’t my life the most exciting? But yes, drinking my 96 ounces. It’s getting easier and easier and I no longer feel as water logged as I once did. And, in fact, sometimes I’m still thirsty after 96oz. Who’d have thought? The trick is to stop drinking at like … 8pm otherwise I’ll be PEEING ALL NIGHT! And that’s not great for sleeping…

WHY: I’m realizing I want to develop my WHY a little more. So much of what I’m doing deals with the fact that I was only moderately successful at Snatched last time and want to do better this time. But that is a 6-week why and not something that’s going to carry me through after Snatched ends. I’ve traditionally had motivation issues. I guess I want to be my healthiest/hottest self. In a way, it actually helps that I’m not chugging toward a really stressful goal (I WANT TO BE HOT AT MY WEDDING) and instead just taking the time and space to transform my body for me. But WHY? I am going to mull on it. Do any of you have a good WHY you’re working towards?


Before Snatched

As promised — my before photos! I had a hectic day yesterday so didn’t end up taking these until today. Not super happy to be posting these but am excited to start seeing results. The problem with NOT taking befores is you don’t get to see how far you’ve come. So here goes. This also helps with my WHY. I can look at this and want to see improvement. I am thinking I will do a check in every two weeks. So my next one will be after completing Week 2 (then 4, then Snatched as a whole). I know it won’t be the same picture every time (right? RIGHT?).



IMG_4135 Nutrition: I’ve been messing around on MyFitnessPal to get all the nutrition in and think I have a plan. Some friends are coming over to watch the Bachelor finale tonight. (ItsgonnabeWhitneybutstillsoexcited) I have some chicken in the crockpot ready for my ladies and some asparagus READY TO BE ROASTED. No room for wine — or dessert but so goes. Today is my first day of really trying to nail the nutrition. I have some meatballs for lunch today with a side of Ricotta (part skim) and had those broccoli muffins with some added melted cheddar on top for breakfast. Deeeeelish.

My lunch: not exactly a triumph in food photography but it is tasty (these are the slow cooker turkey meatballs — definitely a keeper).

Water: I also forgot my 32oz water bottle at home so am stuck with a tiny glass (all that’s left in the kitchen here). I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the 8-10oz range so going to be running back and forth to the kitchen a bunch.

Sleep: Last night we had an opening at work and so we had a late start today and I slept like a BABY and didn’t have to bother with an alarm. Excellent.

Work outs: Today I guess will be an OFF day meaning I need to do something on Wednesday or Friday. Saturday will definitely be a day that happens. I need to call Blink to follow up about this. Thanks for reminding me.

Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed…

Groceries are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The recipes are all lined up. I feel excited/scared to start. Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed is my mantra right now. I tend to make the “easy” choice when it comes to food. Oh free cupcake sitting on the work counter DON’T MIND IF I DO! But if I have a nice bowl of meatballs and zoodles in the fridge and ready for me — that’s an easy choice to make.

One of the pillars for Snatched is to drink around 96 ounces of water every day. I have this 32oz Contigo water bottle I got on Amazon that has a straw and for whatever reason really helps me gulp down that water. I’ve been trying to get used to drinking that quantity (aka I PEE ALL THE TIME). Another pillar is to sleep 7-9 hours a night which is the norm for me. I’m luckily a very good sleeper and usually need 8-9 hours to feel my most best — so I don’t anticipate this being hard for me. Also this time I’m doing Snatched after work (last time I did it before work) so I shouldn’t have to alter my schedule too much.

FullSizeRenderSnatched includes 3 workouts a week. You’re supposed to supplement that with two additional workouts. Last time I bought a class pack at the gym but it felt really hard on my body. I am thinking about heading over to my local Blink fitness and seeing about getting a personal trainer. I’m supposed to be “lifting heavy shit” so having supervision for that can’t hurt. Also if any part of my body is hurting — it will be good to be able to talk to someone about that. So there we have it. My plan for success

  1. Have a strong WHY! We talked about this yesterday.
  2. Work out 5x a week. Plan: Blink
  3. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. NO PROBLEM
  4. Drink 96oz of water — working on it.
  5. Hit my calorie/protein goal (Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed)

I know the food will be the hardest for me. It always is. I’ll touch base this weekend on how Cooking Fest part 1 goes. I also am thinking I’ll do a Snatched check-in every 2 weeks so we can see how/if I’m progressing. Sunday will be my BEFORE photos.