Snatched Week 1, Class 2

Nutrition: Once again I’m really proud of how my nutrition is going. I feel like I’m eating a lot (which I like) of not terribly high caloric foods. Getting the protein in is happening and I find myself tired of meat but I guess it makes sense when I basically cooked the same meal for lunch every day. I am thinking for this week that I will make two lunch options to rotate between because that might be less repetitive than three in a row — then two in a row. Karen is coming over again tomorrow afternoon to help me cook up a storm see our hit list below.

Today my parents and brother came over for brunch. I knew my mom was bringing mimosa fixings (which I did NOT drink, thank you very much) and so I was in charge of the menu. This sweet potato chicken hash with egg came up on (guess where?) a few days ago. And omigod was it delicious. I overcooked the eggs so they were a little hard in the middle (I used her timing and they were too runny for me — stuck them back in for 3 minutes and they were well done. Oh well!). But I used the chicken breasts I overcooked last weekend. And it was a great use for them. They tasted way better in this then they did by themselves.

IMG_4147Exercise: Also nailing it. My body is SO tired but I guess that’s what you get for jumping into something like this. I know epsom salt baths are going to be a norm. So Thursday was my second Snatched class. It was definitely more of a work out than class 1 but I know they’re still easing us into it. Some people have Snatched Monday/Wednesday/Friday and we all are in a Facebook group together and I guess Friday’s class was MUCH harder than the first three. I had my first training with Dee at Blink yesterday. I felt SO out of shape but I think she understands my goals and tries to incorporate some things from Snatched. Today, I went back for my second training — my off days this week was Monday/Wednesday so now I’m cramming the rest in — and it was HARD. I was her last client of the day and so she was like YOU KNOW WHAT? I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME? And gave me some extra training time. My body is killing me but I just took a nice hot shower and am not expecting to move for the rest of the day.


(I meant to take a selfie with Dee but forgot so took this on my way out!)

Water: I missed one day of water — but I did get 64 ounces in on that day and considering most people don’t even drink that much in a day (I know I sure didn’t), I am not going to get down on myself for getting 8 glasses of water in.

Sleep: Last night I was so tired after my first personal training session I fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 7am. It was glorious.

My WHY: I am feeling smaller — even though slightly — and it feels good. I know I’m putting good things into my body. I am cooking and enjoying it. So far this week has been satisfying, I’ve felt in control, and really feel like I can kick some Snatched butt!

Plan for next week!! My lovely wonderful friend Karen is coming over tomorrow for the COOKING EXTRAVAGANZA Part 2!! Here is the menu for Sunday afternoon.


I am going to make these egg omelets again. Except with spinach and feta. Mix it up — am I right?

I still have some overnight oat fixings for if these get repetitive.


Rotate these Asian Turkey Meatballs with zoodles. I am planning on making the zoodles on Sunday and hoping that they keep the whole week. When I zap it in the microwave the zoodles should cook!

The other lunch option is going to be some Turkey Meatloaf. I love it and so does Karen so the plan is to make two and eat one Sunday night and have one for lunches. Mmmm…

Dinner Ideas:

Orange chicken with some steamed or roasted broccoli

My parents tried this baked chicken with Dijon and Lime and LOVED it.

Still hunting for more ideas but I have a looot of chicken breasts and some chicken sausage so if you have any ideas — float them my way!


We didn’t get to this cookie dough dip last time so may try again tomorrow!

I’m sure I’ll pic spam you all tomorrow with our creations! Stay tuned!



Big Day of Cooking

Today I basically went nuts. My lovely/excellent/wonderful friend Karen (hi!) came over and helped me get everything together. Together we cooked:

Ninja Spinach Pie

Broccoli Cheddar Mini Omelets

Snickerdoodle overnight oats (slightly modified to add chia seeds and I used vanilla extract and maple syrup instead of butter extract and truvia)

Poached chicken (overcooked and not attractive … so no picture. Sorry!)

Amazing flourless black bean brownies

And currently sitting in the slow cooker are these Turkey Meatballs

I feel really proud that I got this all done but now all I want to do is go to sleep! I’ve been playing a little around on myfitnesspal to see how to get in my calories/protein in and it seems like even with all of this I will likely have to supplement with a protein shake. Not a huge deal but was curious to see if I could do it all with real food.

Tomorrow I’ll take a “before” photo for you and then Monday: Snatched begins! I still need to figure out my supplemental workouts/schedule the training sessions I want at Blink. I’ll let you know how that goes.