Brain Fart

Last night I tried REALLY HARD to prepare myself for this morning. I had Blink at 8:30am. It’s not so much that I have a hard time waking up in general, it’s more that I really really don’t like getting out of bed. So last night, I planned my work clothes, planned my meals for the day etc. This morning I got up, got into my workout clothes, packed lunch and breakfast, made my protein shake, filled up my water bottle, put my work clothes in a tote and ran out the door.

However, my lovely shake packed with chia seeds, vanilla almond milk and peanut butter protein was left behind right next to my lovely blue Contigo water bottle.


At least Randall is able to put the shake in the fridge for use tomorrow and with the rest I’m improvising. At least I remembered the food! Blink was prepared with the essentials. I actually liked the muscle milk! I remember trying it in college and thinking it tasted like chalk but it really tasted like chocolate milk to me too. Not a bad substitution. And the Aquafina was the largest water bottle they have (about 20 ounces). So I’ll have to refill it 5 times. This is me finishing bottle two!

image1 image2


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