Snatched Week 1, Class 1

Well yesterday I had my first Snatched class. It was mostly learning the techniques and even though it felt like we didn’t do much in the way of working out — I feel sore today. It’s gonna be a FUN 6 weeks! I came home after snatched and whipped together some Skinnytaste Picadillo which was DELICIOUS — I don’t like peppers so I left that out. I also roasted some broccoli which I love. Hoping I don’t get sick of it but I think I’ve always loved broccoli. I know I’m only on my third day here but I am jazzed about nailing my nutrition. I thought I might feel a little wonky being back in that space but I actually felt quite good. My group is male-heavy (there were only 3 ladies in class total!) but everyone was really really nice and I’m hoping we manage to form a good positive community for each other.

IMG_4144 IMG_4142IMG_4143

The whole dinner took maybe 30 minutes to come together so it’s a good one to keep in my pocket for post-snatched workouts. Randall has already volunteered to be in charge of dinners on Thursdays after Snatched and again on Friday. I’m excited to show you what he comes up with for us! Tonight I’m going to make some Chicken Tikka Masala which I’ve had before and is delicious. I’m going to serve that with some roasted cauliflower — was thinking about making that Cauliflower Rice all over pinterest but I don’t think I’m motivated enough and don’t LOVE rice so much that I’d want a substitute.

I am really happy with all the prep I did this weekend. It is making it so easy to be successful during the work week. I now know that I should make that a weekly habit. I’ll start figuring out recipes for the weekend tomorrow. I still have a lot of breakfasts in the fridge as well as the poached chicken (which — I’ll be honest — I’m not dying to eat). I’ve been really enjoying the meatballs as lunches and think I will do something along those lines for next week. Perhaps these. Anyway, I feel happy and in control even though I forgot my water bottle again so am back to the lousy 8oz work cups. I also bought a protein blender bottle that I tried out last night on my chocolate peanut butter protein shake (pretty tasty despite the peanut butter protein not being my favorite!).

I have a few earlier mornings this week (including a personal training session at Blink this Friday! Woo!) so I am trying to go to bed earlier to get my 7-9 hours in.

Thanks for your support and if you have any suggestions for my weekend cooking extravaganza — let me know!


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