Before Snatched

As promised — my before photos! I had a hectic day yesterday so didn’t end up taking these until today. Not super happy to be posting these but am excited to start seeing results. The problem with NOT taking befores is you don’t get to see how far you’ve come. So here goes. This also helps with my WHY. I can look at this and want to see improvement. I am thinking I will do a check in every two weeks. So my next one will be after completing Week 2 (then 4, then Snatched as a whole). I know it won’t be the same picture every time (right? RIGHT?).



IMG_4135 Nutrition: I’ve been messing around on MyFitnessPal to get all the nutrition in and think I have a plan. Some friends are coming over to watch the Bachelor finale tonight. (ItsgonnabeWhitneybutstillsoexcited) I have some chicken in the crockpot ready for my ladies and some asparagus READY TO BE ROASTED. No room for wine — or dessert but so goes. Today is my first day of really trying to nail the nutrition. I have some meatballs for lunch today with a side of Ricotta (part skim) and had those broccoli muffins with some added melted cheddar on top for breakfast. Deeeeelish.

My lunch: not exactly a triumph in food photography but it is tasty (these are the slow cooker turkey meatballs — definitely a keeper).

Water: I also forgot my 32oz water bottle at home so am stuck with a tiny glass (all that’s left in the kitchen here). I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the 8-10oz range so going to be running back and forth to the kitchen a bunch.

Sleep: Last night we had an opening at work and so we had a late start today and I slept like a BABY and didn’t have to bother with an alarm. Excellent.

Work outs: Today I guess will be an OFF day meaning I need to do something on Wednesday or Friday. Saturday will definitely be a day that happens. I need to call Blink to follow up about this. Thanks for reminding me.


One thought on “Before Snatched

  1. Anna, you continue to be an inspiration! Thank you for being brave enough to share your journey to wellness (or whatever term you want to use) with the Internet. Remember no matter what happens at the end of SNATCHED, you will remain an insanely beautiful person, both inside and out.

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