Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed…

Groceries are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The recipes are all lined up. I feel excited/scared to start. Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed is my mantra right now. I tend to make the “easy” choice when it comes to food. Oh free cupcake sitting on the work counter DON’T MIND IF I DO! But if I have a nice bowl of meatballs and zoodles in the fridge and ready for me — that’s an easy choice to make.

One of the pillars for Snatched is to drink around 96 ounces of water every day. I have this 32oz Contigo water bottle I got on Amazon that has a straw and for whatever reason really helps me gulp down that water. I’ve been trying to get used to drinking that quantity (aka I PEE ALL THE TIME). Another pillar is to sleep 7-9 hours a night which is the norm for me. I’m luckily a very good sleeper and usually need 8-9 hours to feel my most best — so I don’t anticipate this being hard for me. Also this time I’m doing Snatched after work (last time I did it before work) so I shouldn’t have to alter my schedule too much.

FullSizeRenderSnatched includes 3 workouts a week. You’re supposed to supplement that with two additional workouts. Last time I bought a class pack at the gym but it felt really hard on my body. I am thinking about heading over to my local Blink fitness and seeing about getting a personal trainer. I’m supposed to be “lifting heavy shit” so having supervision for that can’t hurt. Also if any part of my body is hurting — it will be good to be able to talk to someone about that. So there we have it. My plan for success

  1. Have a strong WHY! We talked about this yesterday.
  2. Work out 5x a week. Plan: Blink
  3. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. NO PROBLEM
  4. Drink 96oz of water — working on it.
  5. Hit my calorie/protein goal (Plan to succeed, plan to succeed, plan to succeed)

I know the food will be the hardest for me. It always is. I’ll touch base this weekend on how Cooking Fest part 1 goes. I also am thinking I’ll do a Snatched check-in every 2 weeks so we can see how/if I’m progressing. Sunday will be my BEFORE photos.


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