Hi all. Anna here. I’ve recently started reading a blog called What I Weigh Today and the author weighs in basically every morning and jots down a few notes about her day/her life/her relationship to her body/her surroundings. I’d like a space to do that and so am going to try a format like that. I won’t be weighing in but rather just giving you a little check-in somewhat regularly.

I am about to start a six week jump-start program towards health and hotness. It’s through Mark Fisher Fitness whose basic mantra is Ridiculous Humans. Serious Fitness. I actually did this same program before my wedding in October.

                 Photo Credit: Marielle Solan

However, I was also directing a show, working a full time job and trying to commit to 5 days of working out — not to mention seriously managing what I was eating. It was too much. I felt exhausted and I didn’t get as much out of the experience as I wanted to. As hard as I tried to do it all, I couldn’t and though I did get some good results, I didn’t give it my best shot and so now that life is calmer, I want to give it another go.

I’ve had a rough winter — it’s cold here, one of my very close childhood friends passed away, I am feeling general dissatisfaction — and my focus on my own health/wellness has suffered. I’ve gained 10lbs in 5 months and it’s time to be accountable to myself. I have always had trouble motivating myself and so now I’m trying to develop a good “WHY?” Why do I want to succeed at Snatched? Why do I want to lose the weight? Why am I even bothering? I am going to try and bullet point this for you.

  • I want to fit comfortably in my clothes. Everything feels tighter these days (reasonably) and I am really not willing to go out and size up all my clothing.
  • Life is a gift. You only get one shot at it (as far as I believe). I want to be as healthy and sexy as I possibly can!
  • I want to feel more confident in myself and presenting myself well. My self image tends to suffer as I gain weight and I want to work towards love and acceptance.
  • I want to feel myself taking up less space in the world. Not personality-wise, of course, but I feel larger and want to work towards feeling smaller.
  • I want to succeed at Snatched. I want to get everything out of this experience that I can and that I felt like I didn’t make it before.

I am still working on this list but that’s a start anyway. I am also going to be meal planning here. This program requires eating a LOT of protein (somewhere around 45% of my diet is meant to be protein here). So keep that in mind as you see these recipes. I am also going to log my food religiously on myfitnesspal and if you want to be my friend there and follow along — my username is foxygazelle (because why not!). My diary is public to friends so just send me a request!

I ordered some groceries on PeaPod (SO much cheaper than FreshDirect — or even my local grocery store). Though PSA: I find that their fruit/produce isn’t usually that great — no one is sifting through it for freshness/ripeness so I basically use this to buy packaged things and meats while getting produce I can see in person.

So here is my cooking plan for this weekend/ideas for the week.


Broccoli/Cheddar mini omelet

Snickerdoodle overnight oats

Ninja Spinach Pie


Salad with poached chicken breast

Leftovers from dinners

Turkey Meatballs (On salad? With zoodles? TBD)


Slow Cooker Pulled BBQ chicken on RF English Muffin

Skinny Chicken Tikka Masala

Skinny Turkey Meatloaf

Most of these I will serve with some oven roasted vegetables (really into roasting broccoli and brussels sprouts with a little lemon pepper seasoning — to DIE for! Can’t wait for asparagus to start popping up). I am debating trying a cauliflower rice thing — perhaps for the Tikka Masala.


Obviously I am trying to LIMIT the dessert intake but I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth.

This Cookie Dough Dip looks TO DIE FOR

Black bean brownies FTW

I will probably have some protein shakes (I have this peanut butter cookie protein powder but am not loving it — though I’ll keep using it until the jar is up. Anyone have any suggestions on a protein powder they like?) — definitely on days I’m working out perhaps with some protein bars. Pure Protein is my favorite.

I hope to take a bunch of pictures on Saturday when I’m planning on doing the majority of the cooking. Stay tuned and thanks in advance for cheering me on to get through this, take some control and feel empowered to accomplish my WHY!


3 thoughts on “Snatched

  1. It sounds like you’ve already set yourself up for success! With all of your plans, I have complete confidence in you that you’ll achieve your goals. You sound really motivated, and that is usually one of the hardest steps. I hope the next few months go much better for you! 🙂 And thanks for the shoutout to my overnight oats too!

    • Thanks! I have trouble motivating myself so I’m trying to give myself the BEST REASONS TO SUCCEED. And I’m WAY excited to try your overnight oats. I’ll post pictures when I do. –

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