So I’m starting a boot camp next week and they suggest a nutrition plan which basically is high (HIGH) protein and lowish fat. I’m trying really hard to cook recipes for myself that fit this plan. Most of what I’m looking at is double portions from skinnytaste.com which is definitely the best low fat cooking blog — hands down. A few more things to know about me: I love pasta. I love carbs. While this new diet doesn’t put much restriction on carbs they really want you to eat for the protein first and then fill it out with whatever you’d like. However a majority of your calories will end up going to protein goals. On SkinnyTaste she’s frequently using a Spiralizer which makes really awesome looking zucchini noodles or “Zoodles” and carrot salads.

After an expensive impulse driven ride through amazon.com I had a nice spiralizer sitting on my counter.

And MAN did I love it. It was easy to use — fairly intuitive after you read the little pamphlet on what each of the blades do. It cleans easy, stores relatively well and makes some DAMN good Zoodles. I tried this yesterday as my first project: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2014/04/zucchini-noodles-zoodles-with-lemon.html

My dinner!

The recipe was good and very simple — we doubled it — the only qualm we had was that it was a little too lemony. We also forgot the garlic — oops! My fiance also felt it was not quite filling enough but he’s also a human garbage disposal and I thought it was plenty filling. Anyway — if you’re trying to do low carb but crave a good pasta sauce or whatever I think Zoodles are for you. I used the sprializer and then sauteed the strands for about 2-3 minutes — you don’t want it too soggy but I actually really don’t like raw zucchini — so somewhere in between was good for me. And I can imagine using this ALL the time. It cooks up SO quick (maybe faster than a box of pasta including all the prep?) and it’s actually sort of fun and really quite delicious.

I highly recommend getting one of these guys for only $35 dollars (even qualifies for free shipping!) here on Amazon!

Look how pretty!


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