Little Reminders

I just got back from my college reunion this weekend. I was close to my all time highest weight by the time I graduated college and it was no mystery to me how that happened. In fact, aside from seeing Alex and other friends, the thing I was most excited about was the FOOD. There is a Mexican place that has insanely cheap and strong margaritas and nachos with a flat fee for unlimited toppings. There’s a bar with $3 well drinks and beers, the best tater tots you’ll ever have and amazing burgers. There is a place that has pancakes that are slowly cooked and puff up about half an inch before it gets to you.

And believe you, I ate all of this. I tried to keep moderation in mind. Desperately. I was fairly successful but came home to an expected weight gain.

I follow New York Times Well and I love it and of course, the first feed I open is cautioning that women with Type 2 Diabetes are more likely to have heart disease than their male counterparts. I am someone who sometimes struggles with high levels of A1C which is a predictor in diabetes. It has gotten better with weight loss but I am still on the higher end of normal. And I had to reflect back on my weekend and ask myself if I had to indulge as much as I did. Is it worth it in the end?

I need to start learning how to ask myself these questions in the moment. I am going back to the diet I outlined in my last post because that diet steers you towards foods that have a low glycemic index which basically means they don’t spike your blood sugar, making it a healthier diet for most people and especially those who are predisposed to diabetes.

I will leave you with a photo of Alex and I being silly at a thrift shop. She bought those glasses because all is right with the world.



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