How to Regrow Scallions

Growing in the sun

Growing in the sun.

I love the idea of growing my own vegetables. However, I also live in a small apartment in Manhattan and I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to grow tomatoes on my fire escape. New York is also an expensive city and I’m frequently looking for ways to budget. As a fairly active Pinterest user, there are seemingly miraculous oh-my-god-have-to-try-these tips all over the site. However, when I caught a glimpse of this tip it seemed so simple I knew I had to try. I was anxious to see if it was true — scallions can regrow if you simply put them in water on a windowsill. And it just so happened I already had some scallions sitting in my fridge. Fate. After I used them in this recipe (which is delicious — you should try it!) I “planted” the bulbs in water and crossed my fingers.
I was nervous about my experiment for two reasons:
1) All my glass cups and jars were dirty so all I had was a mug which doesn’t allow light through.
2) As I live in a small New York City apartment — I don’t get much direct light.
Sure enough, after only half a week, these babies were sprouting over the edge of my mug (you can even see the outer layer is where I chopped them for dinner).

Look at ’em go! Shout out to my Sing for Hope mug.

These guys were on my windowsill for about four weeks and here are the tips I have for you:
  • I ended up transferring these to clear jam jar and they seemed to grow even faster.
  • I changed the water every few days because it would start getting a little smelly if I didn’t.
  • It seems like every time these regenerated they got one layer thinner so this is a limited-use project. By the time I had chopped them down for the fourth time they were looking a little sad and I tossed them.
  • Make sure you have some recipes that need scallions! These grow quickly! Alex and I are going to come up with some recipes for you to use these with really soon.



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