Welcome to Alex & Anna!

Alex and Anna Blog

Hi! We are Alex and Anna and we are starting this blog to help you become a more informed and healthier person. We will clarify details about nutrition, suggest some healthy ways to drop a few pounds and most of all help you maintain a good, educated and healthy lifestyle.
We’ll share useful tips from office snacks to smoothie recipes to current health research to exercise theories to helpful phone apps and everything in between. We both love cooking and hope to share some healthy recipes with you as well.

Alex has a science background and will be writing about everything from field testing healthy, tasty snacks to summarizing research on health and medicine. There are so many confusing and conflicting studies bout nutrition and Alex will help you sort them out. She loves to research and write about all kinds of ways we can improve our day-to-day lives.

Anna has lost 60 lbs through major lifestyle changes. She’s up for trying out everything from juice cleanses to windowsill gardens. She is interested in healthy living, diet-friendly but real foods, cooking and exercise. She tries to keep to a reasonable budget and loves
sharing her journey and tips.

We are committed to providing you a well-rounded blog that we hope will help you make good, informed choices in your everyday life.



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